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Caravan Body Repairs

Our professional caravan body repairs service is designed to leave your caravan looking as good as new.

We know that accidents happen, which is why our specialist teams are here to make the caravan body repairs process as convenient and stress free as possible.

Competitively priced and responsive, we’ll use our experience to professionally repair a full range of bodywork damage, including:

Corner Damage

Bumper Damage

Pillar Damage

Panel Damage

Skirt Damage

Luton Damage



Mirror Casing

Bonnet Damage

Wing Damage

Front Panels

Back Panels&lt

Roof Panels&lt

Other Various Scratches

Caravan repairs are our area of expertise, and we focus on the small details to ensure that your caravan is brought back to its absolute best.

By choosing Direct Leisure Repairs, you’ll benefit from a personalised, professional and competitively priced service, with all work completed to the absolute highest standards.

For additional information on our caravan body repairs service, or for a quote, request a call back today.

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