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Motorhome Servicing

Motorhome servicing otherwise know as a Habitation Check, is very important. This should be carried out every year, whether or not you’ve been using it or not. During the winter months, damp and water ingress can start to appear, and it’s easy to miss the signs. If water ingress has started to attack your motorhome this can cause lasting and expensive damage. Electrical switches can corrode, Flues from gas appliances can become blocked.

At Direct Leisure Repairs, our comprehensive motorhome servicing provides you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your motorhome is ready to provide another season of faithful service.

Thoroughly checking every aspect of your motorhome both inside and out, we’ll ensure that it is completely safe and damage free. As part of the service, we’ll also test the operation and safety of all your gas and electric appliances.

Click Here to see the full Motorhome servicing Scheduled check Sheet

Our motorhome service includes the following checks:

Gas Systems

  • Gas hose
  • Pressure test
  • Regulator
  • Appliances

240v Systems

  • Fridge
  • Water heater
  • Fan master
  • Sockets
  • Charger
  • RCD/MCB trips
  • Lights

12v Systems

  • Fridge
  • Fire ignition
  • Hob ignition
  • Lights battery
  • 12v sockets
  • Control panel
  • 12v charging

Water Systems

  • Test 
  • Fault connections/piping waster gauge
  • Fresh gauge
  • Water heater plug
  • Thetford seals
  • Draining


  • Chassis visuals
  • Doors/locks
  • Roof vents
  • Smoke alarm
  • Drop holes
  • Floor de-lamination
  • Road lights
  • Step
  • Corner steadies
  • Exterior seals
  • Internal seals

Appliance Function

  • Test
  • Fire
  • Fridge
  • Hob/grill
  • Oven water heater

Full Water Ingress Testing

Caravan Brakes

  • Cleaned and adjusted

By choosing us, you’ll benefit from a thorough, value for money service, with all work completed by highly-trained, experienced professionals.


Motorhome Servicing / Habitation Check: £190.00

The prices include a damp report.

To book your motorhome servicing or for further information, make an enquiry or request a call back today