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Caravan Maintenance

At Direct Leisure Repairs, we complete all caravan maintenance and general repair work to the same exacting standards as the manufacturers.

By choosing us, you’ll benefit from our years of experience and commitment to finishing projects to the highest standards. For added peace of mind, all our work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Providing a full range of cost-effective caravan maintenance and repair services

Water Ingress Repairs & Damp

Getting to the source of the problem, we’ll carefully remove wallboards, replacing damaged timber and fully repairing any leaks. We’ll then match the original wallboards and rebuild your van so that it looks as good as new.

Awning Rail Rework

Working on awning rails can be tricky, but our knowledgeable teams have the hands-on experience needed to remove most rails without damaging either the rail or side panels. Carefully removing all sealants and mastics, we’ll professionally reseal and refit your rail so that it’s ready for your next trip away.

Resealing Roof Lights

Leaking Hekis and roof lights can cause serious and costly water damage to caravan roof timbers and ceiling boards. We provide a complete removal, clean up and resealing service that’s designed to prevent leaks and effectively protect your caravan from further damage.

Resealing Exterior Trims

Over time, the exterior trims on your caravan panels, window rails, roof and wheel arches will need resealing to prevent water damage. It’s good practice to have these checked every year, and to take advantage of our professional resealing service, which will prevent water ingress and extend the life of your caravan.

Main Door & Locker Door Adjustments

Over time, your caravan will settle, and you may find that doors and cupboards begin to stick. As part of our comprehensive caravan service, we’ll make adjustments to your doors so that they open and close smoothly.

Carpet Fitting

Whether you want to replace worn carpets, or are just looking to update the interior, we can provide a full professional carpet and lino replacement service. Sourcing removable carpets where required, we’ll give your cherished caravan a new lease of life.

Shower Tray Repairs

Our innovative, affordable service means that we can repair the majority of shower trays without removal, saving you the time and expense of purchasing a new one. In serious cases, we can also supply and fit replacement trays.

Plumbing Work

Our experienced teams can handle a full range of plumbing work, from the fixing of leaks to major repairs. Our aim is to provide an efficient, responsive service, and we hold an extensive range of fittings in stock at all times. We can also pre-order components for a full variety of caravan models if required.

Floor De-lamination

A spongy floor in your caravan ruins both its appeal and usability, and will only get worse over time. At Direct Leisure Repairs, we can carefully repair the problem by injecting industry-leading resin products into your floor. The results are a firm, solid and long-lasting repair.

Panel De-lamination

Over long-term, regular use, your caravan may start to suffer from side panel de-lamination, where the outer skin comes unstuck from the inner layers. This can be a serious problem, but our professional service is designed to provide full, lasting repairs and prevent further damage.

Appliance Servicing

We can provide a comprehensive service on a full range of fridges, heaters, cookers and ovens, as well as the Alde Wet System. In addition, we also provide warranty work on all Truma, Thetford, Dometic and Alde appliances.

If your required service isn’t listed above, it doesn’t mean we can’t help. We provide a full range of maintenance work and repairs on caravans of all makes and models.
In most cases, damp and water ingress repairs can be carried out at the location of your choice.

For further information on any of our caravan maintenance services, or for a competitive quote, get in touch or request a call back today

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