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Motorhome GelCoat Restoration

At Direct Leisure Repairs, our comprehensive motorhome gelcoat restoration service will bring your motorhome exterior back to its best.

Gelcoat provides an attractive finish to your motorhome, and protects the exterior construction materials from the damaging effects of the weather. Over time, this protective layer starts to wear, and you’ll start to notice cracks, and colour inconsistencies that will affect the aesthetics and durability of your motorhome.

Without restoration, these cracks will get larger, and the colour will fade completely, leaving your motorhome in need of a full (and very expensive) re-spray.

By taking advantage of our value for money gelcoat restoration service, you’ll benefit from a great looking finish that will also provide lasting protection to the exterior of your caravan.

Delivering a full, end-to-end service, we’ll target the areas that need restoration, removing damaged sections and sanding down the area, before applying a high-quality layer of gelcoat and working to achieve a seamless finish.

Make an enquiry or request a call back today for more about gelcoat restoration and a competitive quote

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