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Motorhome Valeting & Showroom Finishing

Treat your motorhome to an affordable, luxury motorhome valeting service from Direct Leisure Repairs. Treating every motorhome as if it is our own, we only use the best cleaning materials that will gently and effectively bring your motorhome back to its sparkling best.

Whether you want us to shake out the dust and prepare your van for the new season, or need a comprehensive deep clean, our experienced, professional teams will provide you with a showroom quality service. Thorough, and with great attention to detail, we take pride in our work, and we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the results.

You can choose from two luxury motorhome valeting services:

Standard: £170

Exterior Clean

  • Effectively removing all the dirt, dust and mould

Interior Clean

  • Thoroughly cleaning the entire interior, including bathrooms and kitchens, we’ll wash the sides and surfaces, hoover the carpets and cushions, clean out your appliances and hoover the whole area, before polishing and wax repairing internal veneer scratches

Exclusive: £270

In addition to everything included in the standard valeting service, you’ll get:

Exterior Clean

  • A full compound buff that will remove ingrained grit and dirt from the gel coat and paint work of your motorhome
  • A top polish to prevent dirt from getting into the surface pores – leaving your motorhome with a showroom shine
  • The removal of all surface scratches to improve the aesthetic appeal of your motorhome

Interior Clean

  • A thorough, gentle wash of all cushions and soft furnishings to rejuvenate the interior and remove any smells
  • Wash all cushions removing any stale odours.
  • An anti-bacterial bomb of the interior, designed to tackle long standing odours and improve the air quality of your motorhome
  • A complete motorhome care pack, which includes all the products and materials you need to maintain showroom cleanliness all year round

For further information on motorhome valeting or to book, get in touch or request a call back today

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