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  • Motorhome Habitation Check
    We come to you..!
    Approved Mobile Workshop
    THE Approved Specialist for Motorhomes and Caravans
  • Repairs Caravan Servicing
    Keeping in with current standards
    Following the National Caravan Councils Guidelines
  • Approved by Manufacturers
    Caravan Servicing, Insurance Bodywork Undertaken
    Warranty work undertaken
    THE Approved Specialist for Motorhomes and Caravans
    Approved by Manufacturers

We specialise in Approved Mobile Caravan Services plus Motorhome Habitation Checks
Our mobile servicing maintains your warranties, insurance policies and your piece of mind - call us on: 01636 682319 or Text 'SERVICE' to 07505 357307 and we will call you.

Mobile Caravan Services and Motorhome Habitation Checks

Caravan Services

Caravan Services

A full range of repair and maintenance services of your caravan, including caravan servicing.

Motorhome Services

Motorhome Services

A full range of repair and maintenance services for your motorhome, including habitation checks

Caravan and motorhome accessories


A comprehensive range of accessories at competitive prices, for your caravan or motorhome

With regular servicing of your caravan and or motorhome you will reap the benefits of hassle free holidays and fun usage in the long run with confidence. You will also gain reliability and excellent resale value compared to those which are poorly maintained. Try our Approved Mobile Caravan Services for hassle free caravanning.

As a proud owner of a caravan or motorhome ‘you’ are soley responsible for the safety and legal issues too.

You maybe aware that every trailer or vehicle in use is required by law to be in a good maintained condition where is does not cause or contribute danger to anyone. Most Insurance companies in the UK require confirmation of Annual Servicing or Habitation checks in the event of an claim being made. We recommend you contact your insurance documents and also read the small prints of your insurance terms and conditions.

There are some visual checks on items you can check for yourself. Such as tyres and lights.

The braking system, Gas and Electrical systems inside the habitation area are best left to us as we are trained to carry out works.

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At Direct Leisure Repairs we cover a 70 mile radius of Newark in Nottinghamshire. This covers Derbyshire. Nottinghamshire. Lincolnshire. Leicestershire. Peterborough. South Yorkshire. Humberside. East Yorkshire. West Yorkshire. Sheffield. Chesterfield. Worksop and more. If its not listed feel free to call us.

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