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Motorhome Maintenance

Completing all motorhome maintenance and general repair work to the absolute highest standards, we will help to ensure that your pride and joy is kept in pristine condition for years to come.

By choosing Direct Leisure Repairs, you’ll benefit from top quality service and the best components, with all work completed by experienced team members. For added security and peace of mind, all our work comes supplied with a 12 month guarantee.

We offer a full range of motorhome maintenance and general repair work, including:

Water Ingress & Damp Repairs

Motorhomes are susceptible to damp and water ingress, which is why we offer a full service designed to effectively repair and protect your motorhome. Getting to the source of the problem, we’ll replace wallboards and frameworks, rebuilding your motorhome to the manufacturer’s exacting standards.

Realign Awning Rails

With regular use, awning rails can become distorted, preventing you from getting the most out of your motorhome. Taking the utmost care, we will remove your awning rail without damaging your motorhome, before resealing and refitting the rails back to their original position.

Resealing Roof Lights

Hekis and roof lights are prone to leaking, which can cause significant and costly damage to the ceiling boards and roof timbers in your motorhome if left unchecked. Prevent damage with our cost-effective, professional service, where we’ll remove, clean and reseal the roof lights, providing lasting protection for your motorhome.

Resealing Exterior Trims

It’s important to have the exterior of your motorhome checked regularly, as over time, exterior trims can become damaged due to the wear and tear of regular use. At Direct Leisure Repairs, we provide a comprehensive service that’s designed to prevent small problems on your panels, window and roof rails, plastic mouldings and wheel arches from becoming much larger (and more expensive to fix!).

Habitation & Locker Door Adjustments

Over time and regular use, motorhomes move and settle, which can cause habitation area and locker doors to stick. As part of our motorhome service, we can tweak hinges and door fittings free of charge, preventing sticking and making sure that they are operating smoothly.

Carpet Fitting

Give your motorhome interior a new lease of life with our professional carpet fitting service. Providing a high-quality, end-to-end service, we’ll release furniture from the floors, before removing and replacing the carpets and lino. If required, we can also supply a range of cost-effective, quality lino and new removable carpets.

Shower Tray Repairs

Delivering a versatile service, we can often repair small cracks in shower trays without removing them and in more serious cases, provide replacement trays designed to fit a full range of motorhome makes and models.

Plumbing Work

Motorhomes are very prone to suffering from leaking pipes, taps and hoses, caused by the vibrations created whilst driving. With a wide range of fixtures and fittings in stock at all times, our expert teams can provide a quick turnaround on most plumbing jobs, and can order components from all the major manufacturers if required.

Floor De-lamination

Repairing floor de-lamination on a motorhome can be tricky, as some models feature raised floors. As part of our full service, a member of our expert teams will asses your motorhome at a convenient time, to ensure that you get the right kind of high-quality, cost-effective repair.

Panel De-lamination

Exterior Panel de-lamination on a motorhome is were the outer skin comes unstuck Bring your motorhome back to its best with our comprehensive exterior panel de-lamination repair service. Panel de-lamination can be a serious problem, but our experienced teams will provide a durable, lasting repair that will protect your motorhome from future damage.

Appliance Servicing

Our teams are fully qualified to provide thorough servicing to every kind of appliance from all the major manufacturers. From fridges and heaters, (including Alde wet systems) to cookers and ovens, we’ll provide a comprehensive service designed to ensure that your appliances continue to function perfectly. In addition, we can also provide warranty work where required.

These are examples of the kind of motorhome maintenance work we do and not an exhaustive list. Our teams have hands on experience in a full range of maintenance or general repair work, and we can always provide competitively prices and a quality service.

For further information or a motorhome maintenance quote, fill out the enquiry form below to request a call back

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