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A Guide to Approved Caravan Servicing

Here is something that isn’t mentioned or thought of when purchasing your first caravan. Whether it be a new or used caravan, it is essential that you remember the anniversary of the Caravan so you can arrange an Annual Caravan Service; just like your car.

Most Insurance companies are requesting that your caravan is serviced within a 12 month period, before paying out for any insurance repair bills.

All new caravans require an Annual Service Check and service to maintain the manufacturers warranty.  These checks need to be carried out by an NCC Approved Workshop Scheme.

There are lots of us about, some are fixed workshops and some are the more convenient types like Approved Mobile Workshop Scheme members.

Here is where to find your local Approved Workshops in your area www.approvedworkshops.co.uk

Mobile Caravan Services






Here is some brief information from Direct Leisure Repairs about what a service involves.

Caravan Repairs Approved Bailey Service Agent

Caravan Gas Safety Check

Not all Approved Engineers are Gas Safe Registered. The current industry standards only requires a ACOP course. Wayne is Gas Safe Registered for piece of mind. He will carry out the relevant gas checks and conditions for your caravan or motorhome.

Caravan gas check

Water System Checks and Testing

During your Caravan Servicing, we check the water system thoroughly for leaks. We check water operation and water pressures. If your system has micro-switches, we also check operation. We also make sure pumps are working as they should be. If you have an on board tank we also check for security.

Caravan Taps

Caravan on board tank










Caravan Toilet

We check the caravan toilet for operation which includes Electric Flush, Operation of the waste tank. We also lubricate the toilet lip seal.

Caravan Toilet

Fixtures and fittings

The furniture, blinds and fittings are checked to ensure they are securely fixed to walls and ceilings.

Caravan Furniture Construction Checks

Window Seals, Rooflight seals and Body Seams

As part of our annual servicing, we make sure that seals around windows, rooflights and body seams are in good condition. Most rooflights now incorporate required ventilation. Our job is to make sure that all vents are clear and that there is nothing obstructing them.

Caravan Rooflight

Caravan Electrical Checks and Testing

Every caravan or motorhome is fitted with an electrical system of both types 12v and 230v. Please don’t assume that 12v is not as dangerous as 230v. It is reported that more caravan fires and electrica shocks are caused from faulty 12v systems. Checking lights, USB sockets, connections and appliances is something we do intensively throughout caravan servicing. We even carry out RCD and Earth Bonding Checks to ensure safety should any serious happen. Your safety is our priority.

Electrical Connections to appliances12v Caravan SpotlightRCD Checking






The heating system

There are various types of heating systems in caravans, Alde, Truma, Whale, Webasto, Propex. We make sure the heating systems are working as they should. Alde systems are a liquid system which circulates fluid around the caravan which then runs through convecting radiators which heats the room. We make sure there are no cold spots on that system which may cause damage to the boiler.

Alde Heating

The Dreaded Damp Check

Well.. We go into much detail on this however, if water ingress is caught early it can be resolves with a simple reseal. If left it could cost thousands. If you have reading belows 15% it means that it is usually ok. Readings between 15 and 20% require further investigation. Readings above 20% are definitely a cause for concern and need treating.

heat pump

Gas Appliance Checks & Testing

This is an obvious one for us all. We check functions, Safety operations and we carry out Gas Analysis if necessary. If we find an issue with the room analysis, we will test each at each source (appliance) and report accordlingly. General Appliance Servicing usually fixes most issues.

Gas analysis Caravan










Here are a few images taken throughout services. This will give you some additional idea of what is involved.

Caravan Rooflight Caravan Toilet RCD Checking Caravan Furniture Construction Checks Electrical Connections to appliances 12v Caravan Spotlight Gas analysis Caravan Alde Heating Caravan gas check Direct Leisure Repairs Approved Bailey Service Agent Motorhome Habitation Check


About The Author

Wayne @ Direct Leisure Repairs Ltd / https://www.directleisurerepairs.co.uk

DIRECTOR / ENGINEER - Direct Leisure Repairs.......Age. 36 Over decade of experience within the Leisure Industry from Complete Building of Caravans to Servicing, Repairs, Rebuilding Caravans & Motorhomes. We are a family of keen Caravanners.

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