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Are Solar Panels worth having on caravans motorhomes?


Are Solar Panels worth having on caravans motorhomes?

One of our customers have recently ask us whether Solar Panels are worth having on caravans and motorhomes?

Well… The Mono-Crystalline solar panels are probably the best choice if you are considering to have one, because they will generate power in nearly all daylight conditions, however Poly-Crystalline won’t.

I would only recommend you have solar panels fitted if any of the following apply to you:

  • You like to Wild Camp.
  • You attend Attend Rallies and General meets.
  • If you use have to use a generator to supplement your power usage whilst not using a 240volt supply.
  • If your battery is regularly going flat whilst your rallying or wild camping.
  • If you have a motor mover fitted and you store your caravan in storage
  • If your wanting to bring the cost of your holidays down!

What you do have to bear in mind is, A standard 80watt fixed on the roof solar panel weights in approximently 7kg (approximately 6 pairs of walking boots). The big question is can you afford to add 7kg of weight to the caravan or motorhome.

In most cases 7kg is not alot of weight, your leisure battery tends to be around 28kg.

You then need to decide whether you want a Solar Panel on the roof or whether you want a Portable Solar Panel (you will need to move the solar around into the sun all day to benefit,  however you will get the most out of your panel if your prepare to sit by it and move it all day long).

AS YOU CAN SEE THERE ARE PRO’S AND CON’S to portable and fixed.

Click here to view some of the Solar Panel we have to offer, We have tried and tested all these solar panels, which is why we only sell these.

Feel free to contact me on 01636 682319 should you choose to discuss or if your just thinking of Solar



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