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Armaflex Class O SelfSeal

Armaflex Class O SelfSeal for Caravans, Motorhomes and RVs.

Speed up your installation and save up to 30% on labour costs.
This pipe insulation will protect the pipes in your Caravan, Motorhome and RV from bursting during cold snaps. Class O Armaflex Selfseal is a thermal insulation product fully slit along each length with two strips of double sided self adhesive tape pre-applied to each open slit surface.

Specially developed to provide insulation where fast, secure installation is required and ideal for applications where working space is severely restricted, Class O Armaflex Selfseal is easily applied by fitting the insulation and peeling back the self adhesive tape.

Class O Armaflex Selfseal has a closed cell structure with an “in-built” vapour barrier, offering it a high resistance to water vapour transmission, reducing the condensation risk and helping to increase the product life cycle.

The benefits of being well prepared

* Built-in anti-microbial protection reduces mould and bacteria growth

* Ease of application reduces cost and time of installation by up to 30%

* Fast and secure gluing of seams over the entire length of an installation

* Guaranteed technical values through out the whole installation by closing seams on the entire insulation thickness

* Built in vapour barrier prevents condensation

* Professional finish and aesthetic appearance of the entire installation

Application Areas

* Process work

* Hot and cold water services

* Chilled water lines

* Refrigeration pipework

* Process Lines

* Heating systems

Available at www.pipelagging.com

For more information on Winterising your caravan or motorhome contact us here

About The Author

Wayne @ Direct Leisure Repairs Ltd / https://www.directleisurerepairs.co.uk

DIRECTOR / ENGINEER - Direct Leisure Repairs.......Age. 36 Over decade of experience within the Leisure Industry from Complete Building of Caravans to Servicing, Repairs, Rebuilding Caravans & Motorhomes. We are a family of keen Caravanners.

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