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Avtex L186DRS L216DRS with Maxview VuQube


Avtex L186DRS L216DRS with Maxview VuQube

After trawling the internet for a good easy to use TV and Satellite System, The Avtex L186DRS  L216DRS along with Maxview VuQube.

We have come up with the perfect affordable choice costing no more than £900. We have tried and tested these products together at the Newark Motorhome show.

This certainly makes satellite TV entertain in touring vehicles, A DODDLE….!

We recommend that you take a look at the VuQube for a mobile Satellite System and the L186DRS, L216DRS Avtex Television with built in Satellite Decoder.

We have both products listed in our online shop

For AVTEX L186DRS Click Here

NEW for 2013 from Avtex L186DRS LED TV. The Avtex DRS range TV is the new generation of “Ultra Slim” travel TV’s. The range of Avtex portable 12v TV’s including the all NEW L186DRS are a result of the continued development by Avtex for over 20 years in designing and distributing televisions predominantly for caravans and motor homes.

For AVTEX L216DRS Click Here GET YOUR AVTEX L216DRS for £379.99

The unit has the very latest DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 Digital technology built-in giving you additional HD channels through your regular aerial and your satellite dish. Remember…We have built in Satellite Decoders

For Maxview VuQube Click Here

The Maxview Vu Qube is a portable semi-automatic satellite system that is very easy to use.  The Vu Qube is a compact unit that is easy to carry and store.  When you want to use it, it connects with one or two coax cables to your satellite receiver (available seperately if you don’t have one already).  It takes its power from the satellite receiver.  Using the wireless remote control, you set the elevation degree’s and then press the right or left arrows to turn the dish toward south.  You can do this from within yoru vehicle, so you can see when a picture appears on the screen you know your locked onto the satellite.  Clever gyroscopic sensors inside the qube can tell when it is not on a level surface, compensating on the remote controls display the elevation angle, so the angle displayed is always correct and not level dependant.  The Vu Qube comes with twin lnb output, so is perfect for running two receivers or running a PVR box such as freesat HDR or Sky+.  Vu Qube works with all HD satellite receivers.

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