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Sell your Caravan or Motorhome FREE


Sell your Caravan or Motorhome FREE

Hello and welcome. We are inviting you all to come and use our very latest classified section on our website.

This has been designed to help you sell your Caravan or Motorhome absolutely FREE.

We all know that when choosing to buy a new caravan or motorhome, the dealers basically have your PANTS DOWN when you want to trade in your old one,.

Dealers often take your trade in at £000’s less than what its actually worth. No Doubt the following week you’ll end up back at the dealers forecourt and end up seeing your old caravan or motorhome for sale with a lot higher price on the tag than they gave you.

The Direct Leisure Classified section is good for you because of the following….

  • We don’t take any commissions for selling.
  • We DO NOT charge you a listing fee.
  • We don’t expect your to even list your caravan or motorhome on your own, (unless you want too because it easy) you can just email us the details and photos and we can do it for you.
  • Our website is optimized purely for Caravan and Motorhome owners which gives you a free captive audience.
  • Potential buyers contact you directly, which cuts out the middle man.
  • We can even offer your buyer a Pre Inspection which enables your Buyers a real PIECE OF MIND!
We are very excited with this new section and we hope it helps you to sell your Caravan or Motorhome or Even your Unwanted leisure Accessory.

The website has been designed so just about anyone with some computer skills can list, upload and Start selling

Below is a basic guildline, which should help you to Sell your Caravan or Motorhome

  1. Click HERE for the Classified Link
  2. Click on the Green box with either a Caravan, Motorhome or Accessory Symbol.
  3. Click on PLACE AD above the Select Catagory Drop down Box.
  4. Then, Register a New Account THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Then just follow the steps of the listing requirements and away you go

If you require any help or advise before you start please CLICK HERE

If you would like to arrange to have your Caravan or Motorhome Pre Inspected, please feel free to contact us directly on 01636 682319 or 07505 357 307.

We can then arrange a time which suits you to have this carried out.

About The Author

Wayne @ Direct Leisure Repairs Ltd / https://www.directleisurerepairs.co.uk

DIRECTOR / ENGINEER - Direct Leisure Repairs.......Age. 36 Over decade of experience within the Leisure Industry from Complete Building of Caravans to Servicing, Repairs, Rebuilding Caravans & Motorhomes. We are a family of keen Caravanners.

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