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Caravan Upolstery, after 18 months


Hello and welcome to our very Tech Support & Advice area, we are post about Problems with Caravan Upolstery, Only 18 months old.

After recently servicing a very good customers caravan, I couldnt help but notice the furnishings had worn very badly, This particular caravan is only 18months, The customer advised me that this started to happen when the caravan was only 7 months old, (See Picture2), But wasn’t sure whether it was part of the pattern, so she left it a little longer. These furnishings where an upgraded version of the original set as this was a dealer special

Our customer reported this to the dealers in Worksop Nottinghamshire 12months later as the fabric fault got worse and started to appear in various areas, The dealer advised here that the Upolstery Warranty is only valid for one year, which made her slightly out of the warranty period to have these checked, As you can imagine she was very upset

My experience with Caravan Upolstery: 

Well… We bought a 2012 Swift Challenger 586, We love the van, however within 3 months of having the caravan we noticed that the bed make up in the front area was sagging and looking crease when the bed was put back to the original seating area. These creases never went away like we thought they should have. We instantly contact or dealer (Brayford Leisure..Peter Boddy) who immediately contacted Bellfield Leisure Furnishings and reported the issue.

Bellfield were fantastic, I dropped off my the full set of upholstery for them to have a look at. They advised me that they would need them for 7 days to investigate and put right.

7 Days Later I recieved the call to go and collect them, I was very impress with the who company. They advise me that the cushion had started to fade which I wasnt aware of, and also they told me that the cushioning foam inside was not thick enough to return back to the original form. They completely made a new set of cushions and re foamed them, making them nice and firm.

10 out 10 to Brayford Leisure and Bellfield Leisure Furnishings

My strong advise to this customer

Please give the furnishing company a call or email them a brief description with pictures the fault on these furnishings, They will help you and most likely ask you to take them in. I strongly believe this is STILL a warranty issue. Your caravan was 16k, they won’t want you to be unhappy with it after 18months.

Hope this helps!

About The Author

Wayne @ Direct Leisure Repairs Ltd / https://www.directleisurerepairs.co.uk

DIRECTOR / ENGINEER - Direct Leisure Repairs.......Age. 36 Over decade of experience within the Leisure Industry from Complete Building of Caravans to Servicing, Repairs, Rebuilding Caravans & Motorhomes. We are a family of keen Caravanners.

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