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Purple Line Enduro Mover Issues not engaging on one side

Purple Line Enduro not working on one side

Purple Line Enduro Mover not engaging on one side.

We have recently found a small technical difficulty with the EM4445 Purple line Enduro Mover, “mover not clamping on one side”

OK here is why…..

If you look underneath near the cross actuation bar you will see that, there should be a little split pin that moves the cam arm, You will find that this pin has fell out due to having the wrong size fitted at the factory, which causes the shaft to turn round on its self rather than turn the whole actuation bar.

This is a warranty issue which Purpleline are aware of.

Contact your supplier or contact Purpleline and they will arrange or advise for someone to come and have a look and repair.

If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this comment, We can usually advise a method of repair over the telephone on 01636 682319 or via email messaging, or This Blog

However… Still to date, We feel the Purpleline Enduro mover is still best value for its money for the Single Axle and Twin Axle Caravans, Prices Starting from just £549.99 Including VAT, Click Here for more details including Spec

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DIRECTOR / ENGINEER - Direct Leisure Repairs.......Age. 36 Over decade of experience within the Leisure Industry from Complete Building of Caravans to Servicing, Repairs, Rebuilding Caravans & Motorhomes. We are a family of keen Caravanners.

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