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Swift Group Caravan Servicing

Swift Group Caravan Servicing

As your probably aware, there has been rumors regarding whether all Approved Workshop Scheme members are able to service Swift Group Caravans and Motorhomes under the full terms and conditions of the Swift Group Warranty supplied with the caravan or motorhome. There was rumor was circlulated throughtout the whole industry, making out that all Servicing for Swift Group has to go back to the dealer otherwise the warranty is invalid.

This is not true, Please see below statement issued 13-5-13 By the National Caravan Council Approved Workshop Scheme Manager John Hartley

“There has been much discussion regarding the review by Swift Group of its policy for servicing within the warranty period.

AWS and NCC have obtained a position statement from Swift Group which confirms that the current Swift Group position remains unaltered.

It is currently still reviewing its position, and consulting with a number of different parties regarding its future policy.

During this review period, it has been confirmed that all services carried out by AWS members will be ‘accepted’

and will not affect the warranty policy provided with Swift products”

About The Author

Wayne @ Direct Leisure Repairs Ltd / https://www.directleisurerepairs.co.uk

DIRECTOR / ENGINEER - Direct Leisure Repairs.......Age. 36 Over decade of experience within the Leisure Industry from Complete Building of Caravans to Servicing, Repairs, Rebuilding Caravans & Motorhomes. We are a family of keen Caravanners.

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